Dindi Ag offers a complete agronomy service, by utilising the ‘Fusion Farming’ approach.
Fusion Farming includes utilising the biological and sustainable farming practices with the conventional method.  This method’s main achievement is long term sustainability and profitability, but also building soil health, plant health and animal health.

We understand that being on farm is an important part of achieving our client’s goals. Our agronomists are more than happy to come out on farm to discuss your desired goals and to take soil samples and/or leaf samples for analysis.  Once all of this information is received, we can then sit down and discuss and build a tailored program to help meet the intended goals.


Seed is one of Dindi Ag’s specialities, we supply and stock a wide range of seed.
Pasture seed from annual and perennial ryegrass, phalaris and cocksfoot to cereal and summer forage crops.

We also have a premium range of pasture blends that have been derived and altered over 12 years of performance tests done locally. These blends cover annual hay and silage, short term blend, perennial ryegrass, and phalaris type blends.

So whether you are chasing a equine, fattening, persistence or high production seed blend, we have you covered.
Custom mixes can also be arranged down to 25kg.