Dindi Ag stocks and supplies a wide range of solid fertilisers, from organic through to conventional fertilisers. We deal with a variety of suppliers to allow us to offer a wide range from single super, MAP, DAP, super potash blends, urea, pasture/hay boosters and custom mixes.
By also dealing with Biological and organic fertiliser suppliers, we can supply inoculated reactive rock phosphate and guano as an alternative to conventional fertilisers.


Solid fertilisers require certain soil characteristics to be at and maintained, to desirable levels to be efficient.  Lime and gypsum are utilised to ensure these levels are reached and maintained.
Ag Lime is sourced from East Gippsland whilst dolomite is sourced from South Australia.  Even though there are cheaper and closer sources than these, it is Dindi Ag’s belief that this is false economy.  As these products are usually spread every 5-10 years, a few extra dollars per ha over this period will return greater production in, which results in a quicker return on investment. 

We accompany on farm bulk loads, down to 25kg bags.
As we supply, cart and spread we are a true one point of contact for all your fertiliser requirements, whether it be by ground or air.


During certain times of the year, liquid fertilisers are more effective and efficient than solid fertilisers.  Liquid fertilisers are a great way to quickly remediate a nutrient deficiency of the plant, as you are not relying on soil and/or biological processes.
We offer a range of Biological and organic base liquid fertilisers, to help enhance crop and soil health, but also a full range of nutrient based liquid fertilisers to help correct any crop deficiency.